Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
1. Customer shall pay the sale price specified for the good or any balance prior to collection by or dispatch to the customer. Payment can be made by Paypal, credit card or direct deposit.

2. Astand Ltd does not have to provide a refund if the customer has changed their mind about a purchase or a change in circumstances occurs, so please choose carefully.

3. Astand Ltd recognises the importance of customer satisfaction and therefore products may, at Astand Ltd discretion, be returned to us for exchange or a credit note within 7 days of full payment of the goods, provided all the following conditions are met:
  1. A receipt as proof of purchase of ownership may be required by Astand Ltd to be produced.
  2. Returned goods are received in a re-saleable condition, including any wrapping.
  3. Goods are returned to the location they were originally purchased from or an alternative location.
  4. Astand Ltd will not accept returns for merchandise specially ordered for the customer, or for damaged or discounted items sold at reduced prices (non-standard stock items).
    4. If Astand Ltd in its discretion agrees to return of goods, the followings will apply:
    1. In the case of returning goods for exchange: exchanges will be for the original purchase price of the item only; shipping, handling, insurance costs are non-refundable. Returned goods may be subject to a 20% handling and administration charge. Freight for the return of goods for exchange from the customer’s address to Astand Ltd premises and freight for the new exchange items to the customer’s address will be at customer’s cost.
    2. If the goods are faulty: We will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a remedy.
    3. In the case of a credit note being provided instead of an exchange, the life of credit note is 3 years from date of issue.
    5. If customer fails to take possession of the goods within one month of the customer being notified the goods are ready to be collected or delivered, the goods may be returned to stock and/or sold. Any losses to Astand Ltd or costs incurred by Astand Ltd will be recovered from any payments made by customer. Astand Ltd will endeavour to contact the customer via email and/or phone on at least three occasions prior to cancellation pf the order.

    6. If within one month of non-collection or delivery of the goods from the date of possession of the goods was available to the Customer the goods may at Astand Ltd’s sole discretion be sold by Astand Ltd and:
    1. The entire deposit forfeited to Astand; or
    2. Any losses suffered, or costs incurred by Astand Ltd recovered from the deposit and the balance refunded to the customer.
      7. The ownership of the goods shall not pass from Astand Ltd until the customer has paid the purchase price in full and the whole of the goods shall remain charged with the amount remaining unpaid.

      8. Notwithstanding any other term or condition in this contract, the failure by Astand Ltd to delivery on a specified date shall not entitle the customer to repudiate this contract unless the date of delivery was a specific term of the purchase agreement. Astand Ltd shall not be liable for delays in delivery arising from any cause whatsoever beyond Astand Ltd reasonable control. In any event Astand Ltd shall not be liable for damages or otherwise for any amount exceeding the price of the goods purchased.

      9. Payment in full must be received by Astand Ltd prior to collection by or dispatch to the customer taking place.

      10.Any damage to the goods or any other concerns of the customer in relation to the goods will only be considered for remedy by Astand Ltd if written verifiable notice and evidence is given by the customer to Astand Ltd within 48 hours of delivery to or collection by the customer of the goods.
        11. Any credit notes issued by Astand Ltd to the customer shall expire and not be redeemable after 3 years from the date appearing on the credit note.