Black Panther Playing Cards

Embarking on a captivating odyssey to the enchanting Kingdom of Wakanda, Marvel Studios captivated us with the release of Black Panther in 2018, and they're set to do it again with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Follow the epic saga of King T’Challa and his worthy successor as they wage a valiant battle to safeguard their people's security.

Unveiling premium playing cards showcasing the cherished characters from the Black Panther movies, including the likes of King T’Challa, M’Baku, Okoye, Killmonger, and more! Joining the ensemble from Wakanda Forever are iconic figures like Namor, Attuma, Namora, Ironheart, and Shuri—the trailblazing new Black Panther!

The packaging is akin to a relic hailing directly from the heart of Wakanda! The iridescent Vibranium foil enwraps and safeguards the cards with the aura of protective armor. Enhanced by meticulous embossing and exceptional textures reminiscent of the regal Wakanda suit worn by its revered ruler.

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