Book Nook Shelf Insert 3D Wooden Puzzle

Difficulty level: 4/5

Recommended age: 14+

Assembled size (Magic House):     Approx. D24.0cm x W11.0cm x H18.0cm
Assembled size (Sakura Densya):  Approx. D22.0cm x W12.0cm x H19.0cm
Assembled size (Sunshine Town):  Approx. D24.0cm x W10.0cm x H19.0cm
Assembled size (Time Travel):        Approx. D25.0cm x W9.8cm x H18.4cm

Material: Laser cut plywood

*The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.

 Afraid of lost or broken parts? Don't worry! We got you covered! Just contact us and we will help you to replace it.

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