Fit Flight Shape Shin Higashida ver.2

Introducing Fit Flight Shin Higashida Ver.2 - The Ultimate Flight for Dart Enthusiasts!

Experience the remarkable design of Fit Flight Shin Higashida Ver.2, the second model inspired by the renowned dart player Omi Higashida. Featuring a captivating skull and star motif, the flight's stylish background pattern cleverly spells out "Higashidashin".

Crafted with precision and durability, this flight offers exceptional stability and performance. Elevate your darts with the unique style and artistry of Fit Flight Shin Higashida Ver.2 and make a striking statement on the dartboard.

Please note that Fit Flight flights require the use of Fit Flight shafts for proper installation.

Unleash your inner champion with Fit Flight Shin Higashida Ver.2 - the ultimate choice for dart enthusiasts seeking exceptional quality and stylish design!


 Type: Fit Flight
Shape: Shape



Flight:  x3
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