Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle

Step into the enchanting world of geography and craftsmanship with the Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle from ROKR. This captivating kit invites you to construct a remarkable wooden globe that not only showcases the intricate beauty of our planet but also illuminates in the dark, creating a mesmerizing effect. With precision-cut wooden pieces, you'll assemble this globe step by step, gaining insights into geography and design along the way.

The end result is a blend of educational exploration and artistic expression – a luminous globe that captures attention both day and night. Whether you're a geography enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and engaging project, the Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle offers a captivating journey into the realms of learning and creativity. Elevate your puzzling experience with ROKR and witness the magic of our world come to life in your hands.

Difficulty level: 4/5

Recommended age: 14+

Assembled size: Approx. L16.7cm x W20.3cm x H29.3cm

Material: Laser cut plywood

Afraid of lost or broken parts? Don't worry! We got you covered! Just contact us and we will help you to replace it.

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