Night City Marble Run

Difficulty level: 4/5

Recommended age: 14+

Assembled size: Approx. L32.5cm x W21.4cm x H22.8cm

Material: Laser cut plywood

The Night City Marble Run 3D Wooden Puzzle is a marvel of human engineering, blending the elegance of science and machinery into a captivating DIY project. This self-assembly kit features intricate gadgets, Tower Distributors, and track race balls, providing a rewarding hands-on experience. Constructed with high-transparent acrylic and breakthrough materials, the funnel-shaped track extends to an impressive 2.5 meters. Simply crank the handle to set the steel balls in motion, sending them racing down slopes and twisting turns. Perfect for enthusiasts of precision machinery and creative builds, the Night City Marble Run offers endless entertainment and a stunning display of mechanical artistry.

Afraid of lost or broken parts? Don't worry! We got you covered! Just contact us and we will help you to replace it.

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